Custom Wood Coasters – OH MY!

So along with making a number of things, repairs to the homestead and simply living comes the leftovers.

I hate to throw things away, and even when it might seem to be an innocuous or seemingly worthless piece of scrap wood, it hurts to ‘waste’ as I learned growing up.  So finding ways to recreate value from the valueless is sometimes tough.

Late last year I got it in my head to get a Lichtenberg set up and burn fractal designs onto wood.  Never mind all the warnings about “yer gonna die kid,” I plunged headlong into it, purchased the repurposed neon ballasts, clamps and foot pedal control.  It all seemed pretty simple right?

I suspect NOW that there must be an art to it, and that practice (while surviving) will enhance the quality of fractal burns.

In the mean time, I used some of those scraps that I refuse to discard, burned in quadrants and cut them into square coaster sized blocks.   Sanded, dropped some epoxy on em stained the dry areas, and polyurethaned the backs.

they turned out nice,  ..and certainly worth the $20 a set. (I risked my life to make these 🙂 )

Yeah click on that link and buy them.